[Memory] Which one to pick?

Well, I am building my new rig.

The motherboard will be an EVGA FTW3 , the CPU will be Core i7-930

I would like some advice on the memory I should pick.
To begin with I will go with 6gb (3x2) and 1600Mhz (If I remember correctly according to an article here @Toms there isnt that much diference with 2000Mhz.

Since I am going to do just one travel to buy the stuff, these are my options :


Which one would you pick?

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  1. Could you tell me why its better than the others?

    My first choice was the patriot :P
  2. Thanks for the advice, but I live in south america and I know no-one that can hold em . I just happen to have a relative that is passing by NYC for some days and can go through that Microcenter -NY , Yonkers.
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