Are my hard drives running at a good temperature?

Hello, I have two hard drives, one of them is internal and the other is external. According to speedfan my internal hard drive is running at 27 C and my external at 47 C on average. I had heard that below 30 C can cause hard drive failures and 47 C seems a little too high to me. What do you guys think of these temperatures? Also any ideas on how to get an external hard drive to run cooler? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. My internal HDDs run from 26C to 41C with no problems. Make sure the external enclosure is well ventilated, with nothing blocking the air flow over the sides, ends, and top.
  2. To be absolutely sure, you would need to check your drive manufacturer's specifications for your drive.

    In saying that though, common sense and logic suggest that the higher the temperature in a drive, the higher the failure rate... BUT, several independed studies (Google one's as well) have showed that temperature (not extremes) plays little to no role to a hard drive's failure rate.
    Of course if you have a hard drive working at 80+ Celsius, then something is about to give. But I would consider temperatures up to 57C on a hot day ok.
    Certainly 47C sounds quite safe to me.
    To get an external HD to run cooler, I would either find a tiny fan and install it if possible in the cage. If that is impossible, then you can install/mount a heatsink on the case. You could also drill some holes on the top to help hot air rise up and out the case.
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