What is the difference between 3dmark06 and 3dmark vantage?

What is the difference? Is either free?

Is there anything else to test/stress your graphics card with?
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  1. I know Vantage is DX10 and tests PhysX (gives Nvidia cards an advantage). Other than that it is just a newer version. And is ok for testing and getting a feel for performance. However, I never swear by it as it is NOT a game nor tells you how well a system will perform in games. It tends to favor multiple cores and Nvidia cards.

    I use it to stress test. But find that the best stress test is just hours of gaming in the end. I also use game benchmarks as well.

    I believe 06 has a free version and Vantage has a free version but only lets you see yoru score once online. I believe the basic version is like $6 and you can run it as much as you want.
  2. Nothing. They are both bloated pieces of suck.
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