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So I have a GA-890gpa-ud3h mobo with at radeon hd 4290 igp. Im getting my new card soon but in the mean time I want to OC my igp from to atleast 1000mhz. I have researched this and someone has done this. But, when I do it. The clock stays at around 500mhz (which apparently is incorrect, the default clock is actually 700mhz). I have searched on these forums for help and found nothing. So I was hoping someone can give me some info on the matter. Thanks
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    that VGA OB will be fine under default !
    HD4290 IGP overclocking is useless, no significant increase in Fps and waste and dangerous waste of time, I've done it with the HT 2800 and additional maximum voltage to 1.2v VDDNB, it was very heavy and hot for the chipset, the default
    the core vga set 995 while i try set 1000 lagging :D

    look my result 3DMark06 score .. still low 1024x1280
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  3. Ok thanks. This helped a ton!
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