4870x2 fps fluctiation..and p

hi guys,

im trying to benchmark my system via 3dvantage..

im trying to figure out why i get fluctiation in fps when playing games like far cry 2 or crysis..I get really high like 80+ only to drop down to nearly 12 in a matter of seconds and nothing in addition for the cards to render on the screen...

i called alienware and thy said it was a driver issue, i dont think they know..

i figured id run a 3d vantage test to see just how well the cards do..

im well aware that with some games, having 2 4870x2 is actuallty worse than one due to the way the game is designed..

what is a good score for a systme like mine to get?
is it normal for the cards to even hickup at all when runnig games like far cry 2 or crysis?

im running
core i7950
6 gig ram
asus p6t deluxe board
1066 mhz ram

and the 2 4870x2's..
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  1. Are you overclocking? How much ram is being used while gaming or benching on your rig? Also what is the timings on your ram and are they at their defaults for the given kit?
  2. nope not overclocking..not sure about how much ram is being used.. could it be that the ram in my system is being used up a little too much by the background apps?
    would that effect fps??

    not sure what the timing is used by my ram..just know its 1066 mhz ram..
  3. is it realistic for me to expect no stuttering when playing games like crysis or far cry 2?

    an ati senior level rep me told me that some games will stutter, its just going to happen sometimes..it could be that the game is poorly coded or just doenst work well with ati..
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