Issue with gcard or TF2? Horizontal Bands jumping up & down menu

Hi. I'm running 9800GTX+ in SLi on XP SP3 and recently, suddenly, TF2 started getting horizontal bands going up and down the screen when I load it up. I can't screen shot it for some reason (screenshots show everythign fine). This implies a hardware problem to me, like my monitor, but this issue isn't consistent on any other program, so I'm really confused here.

The horizontal bands /stripes are translucent. Some bands darken the menu others lighten the menu. When I change the resolution, sometimes they go away. But if I tab in and out, the bands might come back.

Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Is this the only game you are having issue with? does it happen any other time?

    So you have (2) cards in SLI? What are the temps at idle and at load?
  2. At load theyre 68. no higher. They are two 9800gtx+s. At idle, it's pretty low.

    Only TF2 and I think other source games...
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