No POST.. (no video signal) help!

My computer will no longer post. I built it about three weeks ago. It's amazing. I love it. I just bought an aftermarket CPU cooler the Arctic freeze 7. I installed it and booted but no signal was coming to the monitor.

Here is my system:

i7 930
p6X58D Premium mb
Corsair 750TX psu
OCZ Gold 1600mhz DDR3 RAM
Asus Vh242H 23.6" LCD

Here is what I've done since:

-I tested the monitor with another computer. It worked.
-I made sure everything was plugged in/secure.
-I reinstalled the stock cooler. Same result.
-I have just the RAM the cpu and the Vid card plugged in. Everything starts up fine but still not signal to the monitor.
-Have removed and reseated CPU/Vid card. Same result.
-I tried the video card in another PCI-e slot. No luck.

I'm thinking something might be wrong with my video card. I'll try XFX support and Asus in the morning when they are open. Anyone got any ideas till then?
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  1. When you say everything starts up fine with no video signal, does this include the normal single POST beep? Also does your hard disk(s) seem to start normally? If not then it could also be a problem with the MB. (This is silly but I assume you have powered the video card properly i.e. with the extra power cable).
  2. Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    Do everything. Don't just read about it.
  3. Not to jump to conclusions but its possible you may have damaged the motherboard whist installing your aftermarket cooler. What precautions did you take against damage from static electricity?

    Do you have onboard video so you can remove your graphics card and check if thats the problem? Have you tried one stick of RAM in every slot on your motherboard and then swapped and tried a different stick?

    These are just a few pointers but as jsc said, go through everything on that guide and post back.
  4. Moody, I would be naive to say there isn't a possibility that I damaged the mb while changing the heatsink. But, I took as many precautions as I could. Stay grounded, set mb on nonconductive surface, gently remove/replace parts etc.

    I don't have an onboard video alternative. Wish I did. My case didn't come with a speaker so I can't hear the POST codes. I just ordered one so it should be here in a few days.

    I am down to the core components (CPU, RAM, GPU) So hard drive's aren't really in the equation.

    Everything is under warranty so replacement doesn't worry me. Not finding what needs to be replaced does :/. If it were a motherboard issue, would the motherboard even boot? Thanks.
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