BF3 Crashing

This is my 1 week old new build

i5 - 3570k
EVGA GTX 570 2.5 GB

BF3 and all of my games have been playing fine until I overclocked to 4.2 GHZ and now the second BF3 loads a map it instantly crashes to desktop and I have to control alt delete to get rid of it, I have all the latest drivers what is going on?
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  1. Did you get the latest patch?
  2. did you update punkbuster
  3. Where exactly do you go to update it?
  4. right click the game icon in. origin.
  5. Shoulda snagged the z77-V Pro board doood!
  6. Is this in multiplayer or single player? I found in multiplayer to get it to work properly I had to go into a non punkbuster game then in the options you will find a setting called "enable punkbuster" or something like that, make sure its ticked.

    Whats the error that battlelog gives you?
  7. Ok I will try that amuffin thanks, chugot9218 - how come? This board has been great so far, mouse24 - only multiplayer and it gives no error it just exits to desktop and it freezes up and I have to click end task like 5 times to finally get it to go through then it all goes back to normal and closes
  8. It is already up to date, one thing I noticed is when the crash happens the VGA cable icon pops up on the top left of the screen then goes away this is so annoying.
  9. Does reducing the clocks get it playable once again?
  10. Ehh, I guess just for the new feature set, I guess it just makes sense to me to grab the latest board revision for the latest processor, I am sure the performance difference is little to none for most purposes. Mainly I was thinking about this because another person on here was having trouble getting their z68-V Pro BIOS updated to take their Ivy processor, and the z77 board has the USB BIOS Flashback that the z68 doesn't, but that is moot anyways because if he had the z77 he wouldn't need to flash his BIOS to accept the Ivy CPU.
  11. Running at stock settings now and still crashing
  12. Did you manually OC or did you use one of the built in tuners? And by returning to stock settings, did you reset them manually or did you just restore the BIOS to default?

    And, gotta ask, did you download all the driver updates as opposed to using the CD?
  13. Doubt this is an issue but what are your temps? (furmark for gpu, 10 minutes, prime95 for cpu 10 minutes run tests separately)
  14. manual OC and temps are fine, I used the CD to start with but I got updated versions of all my drivers later online. Here is something weird I found out 20 minutes ago, I can play full games completely fine on maps that don't have jets, really weird.
  15. Hmm, I know steam has a process to verify the files in your game are valid, I am not sure of Origin has this but you could look and give it a shot.
  16. I did a clean install of the latest drivers which I had not done before and it seemed to make it work, it runs perfect now, hopefully it will stay that way thanks for all the help
  17. Ok wtf it is back to doing it today
  18. I would test it with both memtest and windows memory diagnostic just to rule out any memory related errors. Though this does take a while so run them when you are away from the pc.
  19. No errors came back from windows memory diagnostic, the game is completely unplayable while all of my other games work fine, bf3 is the one I really want to play though and I don't really know what else to do.
  20. Ok figured it out for good this time, EVGA precision was causing it, everytime I overclocked it the crashes would happen so I did some research and learned that I had to raise the voltage on the GPU and now it works great FINALLY SOLVED! thank you for the help!
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    ahh *** i knew it was precision tuner been having that problem and its driving me crazy. i did up my voltage a hair and still does it maybe it needs more. i was running on these settings for a while and it just started doing this again. its always 2 mins into the game it just randomly freezes.

    im running my over clock at 1000mhz and memory speed of 2200 @ 1.09v or something close to that. i looked up and it said it could be just overclocking the memory that high and the voltage being to low. everyone says 1.12 to 1.2v at these settings are perfectly stable
  22. Ok tomshardware keeps emailing me because I have not selected a best answer even though I figured it out myself and no one had the answer how do I get it to stfu just pick one?
  23. Yea I guess so haha
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  25. 06yfz450ridr said:
    Yea I guess so haha

    Well merry christmas
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