New i7 860 build

Looking for advice on a new I7 860 build.

Of course I want the processer to be an 860.

Im partial to Gigabyte Mobo, but Asus is a close second.

I was looking at the UD4P from Gigabyte because it has built in 1394 Firewire. I use video with firewire a lot.

I have a copy of Win 7 Pro.

Budget is as close to $1000 as i can get.

I dont need a super great video card. Rarely play games, Mostly just video editing and pic editing. Mostly Adobe stuff.

I also need a monitor.

And I will have to get everything online, No microcenter or Frys nearby.

Im guessing NewEgg would be best.

Think its possible to build this under 1K?

Here is what i came up with, If anybody has some suggestions on saving money, I would be glad to hear them.

i7 860 - $279
Gigabyte UD4p P55 - $169
G.Skil Ripjaw 4gb 1333 Ram (2 x 2gb) - $105
Cooler master Centurion 5 CAC-T05-UW Mid Tower - $50
Rosewill 600w PS - $60
WD Caviar Black 750gb - $80
LG DVD burner SATA - $28
Hanns F hi-221DPB 22" widescreen - $140

All from newegg. Total Close to $920. Not including shipping. Shipping was free when i created this list, but I think its more now.

Thanks for all the help.

No clue on the video card. Hoping for one under $75. With DVI and HDMI if possible.
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  1. Mobo: Since you're not gaming, you don't need a board with 2 PCIe 16x slots. Save yourself some cash and get a GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD3 for $135.

    RAM: Corsair XMS3 2x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 $110. These will be faster for almost no additional cost.

    PSU: Rosewill isn't a good choice. Here's a super efficient 550w: OCZ Z-Series 550W $80 after rebate. Or a cheaper, less efficient one: Corsair 550W $70 after rebate. Both of these are good quality.

    HDD: Spend the extra $10 for a Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB. It's faster, runs quieter and cooler, and it's cheaper/GB.

    GPU: You still need to get a graphics card. The board doesn't have integrated graphics. Add an HD 4650 for about $50.

    Total: $971, not counting shipping. Don't forget to check for combos.
  2. It's VERY difficult to pull of a i7-860 build w/ monitor for under $1k. But here goes

    Lite on $22.99

    Antec 300 $51.99 after code EMCYZNT57

    Hanns G $149.99 21.5" 1920x1080

    5770 $152.99 after code EMCYZNW74

    Corsair we've been linking $109.99

    OCZ 600W + Spinpoint F3 500gb $109.98 w/ $30 MIR

    i7-860 + Gigabyte UD3 $396.98

    Total: $994.91 before shipping and $25 MIR which should cancel out.
  3. Had to use the 500gb F3 to fit in budget >.<

    you could use get a cheaper GPU, any other DX11 GPU can't actually run a game using DX11 features at a playable frame rate.

    If you don't want DX11 or eyefinity support then you could grab a 4850 or $100, which isn't far behind the 5770 and much better than the 5750.
  4. It's not a gaming build. The 5770 is not necessary.

    Forgot to put an actual total on my changes (it's there now), but it's $971, with everything OP had above.
  5. thanks guys...

    The 1tb hd is a pretty nice deal.

    I took a little of both advice and came up with a pretty nice system with a 24" monitor for $1005 plus 13 shipping...Minus $10 MIR.

    So for around $1010 I got this...I hope a link to the shopping cart will work...If not, i'll post items...
  6. can't actually view your cart, you need to make it a wishlist and make the list public, or post items.

    Can't put combo's in wishlist though.
  7. Or use a screen capture.
  8. LG DVD - $23
    Cooler Master Case - $60
    Samsung F3 1TB - $90
    Hanns G 24.6" Monitor - $180
    Sapphire HD 4650 512MB GPU - $65
    Corsair 550W - $80 - $10MIR
    Corsair 4GB (2 x2GB) -$110
    i7 860 + Gigabyte UD3 Combo - $397

    Total $1006 + $14 shipping - $10 MIR = $1010
  9. Use the code I posted to knock the case down $8.
  10. Different case...I like the Cooler Master one...For some reason...I could use the one you posted and get it under a grand...but 10 bucks aint all that much...

    Thanks for the help though...What do you think about the rest of the system?
  11. It's good. It'll definitely get the job done.
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