1 or 2 fans for hyper 212 cooler

hi there,i have a cm Hyper 212 plus with one noctua 12mm 1300rpm fan,my question is if i fit a second fan will it make much difference to the cpu temps on my core I5 2500k cpu,my pc is for gaming
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  1. My max temps only dropped by 1 to 2 degrees when I added the second fan.
  2. well thats a very small decrease in temps for a second fan
  3. Tell me about it.

    But it is what it is.
  4. The drop should be about 2C. If noise is an issue you could try to swap the 212 fan for the noctura, and put the other fan as an extra intake for positive pressure.
  5. it'll not much drop in temp especially if it already near exhaust/rear fan... (will depend on the case)
  6. Haha I just asked the same question not that long ago, a lot of people have said, like they have said here, it only droped by 1 or 2C, "if your lucky" you might get 3 or 4C.
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