Can't Install Windows xp, keep getting Alt, ctrl error

Hi everyone :), am new here so if i posted this in the wrong place then sorry, anyways, a few days ago, i started to use my Old, 7 year old PC again, since my laptop broke, anyways it had windows xp Pro on it and i thought it was a bit outdated so i Formatted the hard drive and installed windows 7 Ulti, Since my PC was made before Win 7 even existed, i went ahead and Upgraded its ram from 512mb to 3gb, but still it was a bit laggy so i thought id just go back to winxp, so i Format the hardrive again and try to install windows xp, it works perfectly until after the System files are Copied and it restart, when it restart i keep getting the Error ' disk read error' and press alt,ctrl Del to restart. Tried restarting , i keep getting the same Error, at first i thought that my old hard drive died, but when i tried to install win7 again.. it worked perfectly.. So could someone help me out here

Thanks in advance :)

My Old pc is the Compaq SR1609
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  1. Did you remove the cd before rebooting?
  2. Yeah i tried it, Didnt work, by the way i forgot to mention
    that at the moment i have a Working windows 7 Running, but when i turn on the Pc, and after the bios, i get the Option of : earlier version of windows, then it says Windows 7, and then windows 7 again, i tried, all three and only one of them work.. the other two when i select them, i just get a blank screen.
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