Psu single vs more than one rail?

yes i have a question on what is better to get in the long run....a single rail psu or a psu with more than one looking at a coolermaster gx series 650w psu with 12v+ @ 52amp or another psu with more rails but lower running a evga 9800gtx+ gpu. recommended amps is psu is at 12v+ @ also planning on upgrading to quad core in the next few months...would a single rail be better or more than one is better?...thanks
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  1. Most sub-kilowatt PSU's today do not have multiple rails, regardless what the advertising says.
  2. The link obsidian provided will take you to an excellent explanation of multiple +12 volt rails.

    True multiple +12 volt rails are only found in high end, high wattage power supplies. The others are just "virtual rails". It was a marketing gimmick. There was a big stink about it a few years ago.
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