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I cant install hp solution center for xp on F4180 Deskjet. I've had printer for a few years but recently reinstalled on same pc, but HP's Solution Center did not install, and I can't find a download for it. Please help-thx!
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  1. The driver is available right on the HP website. . .
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  3. nimedeiros said:
    I believe this is what you want

    Teach a man to fish. . .
  4. thanks for the advice
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  6. PhilFrisbie said:
    The driver is available right on the HP website. . .

    It's not the driver that's needed (as per my question)-you'll note that the driver(s) and software have already been installed. It was specifically the Solution Center. Prior to posting my question, I had already perused the HP Website-been there, done that...That would be a 'given' imo.

    I've since solved the issue with a custom install. But thanks for your time anyway...
  7. nimedeiros said:
    thanks for the advice

    Hi-I just want to thank you for taking the time to research and respond to my question! I had already been to the HP site, and nothing fit the solution.

    I've since solved the issue-thanks to your earlier response. I realized that the driver was already installed previously. Before posting my question, I had tried to download and install the product with software from the HP Site-that didn't work. Probably because I didn't uninstall first (not sure on that though). But, you got me to thinking...maybe if I try a custom install using the software from the website (drivers would be updated, etc)-then just maybe I could install just the Solution Center. It worked!!!

    I am so pleased, and very thankful to you for your knowledge and time!!!! You've saved me a small bundle on buying another printer-and for that I am truly grateful to you!

    I'm a graphic and web designer-not a desktop support afficionado. Therefore, I have just a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to desktop solutions. In this case, I was all out of tricks. So, again I am much appreciative of your effort to help me do what I do best!
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