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ok i havea bout $220aud to spend on a new AMD cpu and a decent fan. The goal is to get something decent that i can overclock a bit. Ive never overclocked before and i wanted something that would give me a bit of room to play around with. Ive been leaning towards the phenom II x3 720 black edition, i can get it for about $150aud and then i want to spend the rest on a decent fan cause i know that overclocking provides alot of heat. I was wondering if you could give me any suggestions and/or tips on what cpu to choose, whats the best way to learn how to overclock, any decent websites i should read and whats a decent cpu fan to use. I dont have the name of the motherboard at the moment, but its an asus AM2+ socket with ddr2. So yeh if anyone can help me choose a cpu and lead me in the right direction for a cpu fan, cpu and how to overclock ur help would be much appreciated :)
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  1. There are some stickied threads and some good articles on [AMD] overclocking right here at Tom's.
    As to fans, a good review site is www.frostytech.com. They also have some top-5 lists (that are actually top-10).
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