XSPC Pump cavitation

Hello all I was gaming the other day when all of a sudden my case side started vibrating....I got it to quiet down by burping the res..Yet I am worried that the pump may be going bad....It was some serious cavitaion rattled the hell out of my case...Any ideas folks?
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  1. umm open your case and listen to the pump? check for leaks?
  2. No leaks.....The pump was for cavitating as it quieted down after I burped it by squeezing the lines...The pump went from a deep sound to a quiet high pitched barely able to hear it sound....I am very competent in pumps of all types i.e. peristaltic, diaphram, centrifugal...They all do the same when running dry or when cavitating...This pump was acting as if the fluid level was low or an air gap was present...Funny thing is Fluid was full and there were no apparent air gaps in the loop...I was just curious has anyone else had this problem with the XSPC pump?
  3. If its the V1 of the X20 750l then yes, they did have pump issues which were resolved by V2, I'd rotate the res/pump under operation to snag out any airlocks that may be in the pump itself, report back if that helps or no, and we can get Xspc on my mail list :)
    how olds your pump btw? I know you're early in the W/c gallery but you may have upgraded since
  4. The pump/res is just 7 months old..not sure if its a V1 or V2...I burped the loop and it quieted down...It has been running perfect up until two days ago...Then I had to burp the loop...Just seems to me that the pump is slowly going bad...Which sucks...Gonna upgrade soon to a better pump but do not want this one taking a dive before then...I may need to flush and refill the loop also a PITA...My first thought was that the pump was clogging with trash....
  5. Sounds like you either have a leak that is introducing more air into the loop (and thus, water out) or you have a large air pocket in your radiator and it's slowly working it's way out.

    You shouldn't continually see a large amount of air if your loop isn't leaking or didn't have air trapped somewhere.
  6. Well there is no leaks Rubix so I gotta suspect it is getting air locked..Well I gotta flush and refill the loop soon anyhow...Gotta get rid of this premix EK fluid and get some distilled...I wish I had heeded your warning about premix fluids rubix..
  7. It will be a V2 if its that young, and also still under manf's warranty, and yup, if its just 'burping' then time and wiggling should see you right,
    Good move on the premix mate :)
  8. How do I RMA the res/pump to XSPC moto...Just call them?
  9. If it comes to it then try the vendor you bought it from first, if they pass it to Xspc then they should deal with it but I'd always return to point of sale first
  10. I've heard a lot of positives about XSPC handling their pump replacements, including cross shipping or just giving you a new one and keeping the old one.

    Hopefully this is still the case.
  11. Thx moto and rubix....I am just gonna RMA the res/pump...and purchase the new pump/res combo with the really nice pump in it for $160 from frozen I think the pump is Alphacool Varible Speed..and get a good 280 Rad and a raystorm block and just use the replacement res/pump and swiftech uni mount GPU block for my GPU loop...Gonna splurge and get either a 680 or a 7970...Thx again for the responses from true experts...BTW...gonna run pure distilled from now on
  12. @lowjack989

    Asus DCII TOP(if you can find one) or MSi Lightning version. I would be all over that Asus TOP for its high factory overclock, cool temps, and really, really quiet fans,heavily modified PCB, with an efficient VRM design to produce low temperatures, improved voltage regulation circuitry, much better Chil controller , specially binned chip and voltage control and monitoring support that you won't find on most other non-reference cards.The thing a straight beast!MSI GTX 680 Lightning. 12 phase pwm, triple overvoltage, with proper watercooling it can be pushed over 1400mhz. Also there is an edit you can do that allows you to add more voltage than afterburner allows so that you can get even more from the card.
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