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hello all, I have had a very very frustrating and confusing problem these last 2 days and I am at my absolute wits end trying to fix it.. :fou: :fou: :fou: Here is all of the symptoms I am having...

SHORTCUT icons on DESKTOP turn to a light grey color when double clicked, To access these items (My Computer, Firefox, iTunes, Antivirus, Skype, and Webcam stuff) I have to Right Click and then click "Open...

When I go to open SYSTEM RESTORE & ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS, all I get is a blank white page...

The options such as RUN & SEARCH are missing completely from the start menu.

When I click START and put my cursor over ALL PROGRAMS, it does nothing at all, nothing shows up and I have to RIGHT CLICK all programs and then select OPEN ALL USERS...

"MY Computer" and "CONTROL PANEL" icons have been turned into a blank white page with a very small blue & red picture in the middle..

I do not know what the problem is but I am assuming it is a virus... I am going absolutely crazy trying to fix this and I do not have the cash to take it somewhere unfortunately.. Any help would be appreciated.

*Also I have already tried many things like trying to UNHIDE and ect.. nothing has worked.. :cry:
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  1. I think you have a virus, try this, when it starts hit cancel and pick full scan, as noted if you can create the cd from another computer that would be good, also make sure you choose the right bit software.
  2. it says this: Windows Defender Offline Tool Can Not Be Used On Your Operating System, Your Version Of Windows Operating System Is Not Supported By This Program"

  3. try this,
    download ccleaner software and clean your registry more than once until it's clean, also use cleaner option,(REMEMBER TO ACCEPT TO BACKUP) than restart windows.
    Or you can press windows key+R then type msconfig then enter, go to start-up page and click on uncheck all.
    Click ok and it will ask you to restart windows, do it. After the restart see if the problem persists.
  4. Upgrade to sp3
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