Max temperature for the 3770k?


Iv been OC my 3770k now to 4.6GHz and 1.33V. Getting about 75 when running Prime95, and 25 +/- idle. How much can the CPU handle?

Iv got a H100 cooler
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  1. I'd leave it right there. You can push it a bit more but I wouldn't want to increase the voltage any more for longevity of the CPU.
  2. Keep er less than 90, Ivy runs a little hot, I think HWMonitor or something shows your TFAL score (I think thats what it is) which is how far you are from the defined thermal threshold of the CPU.

    Second on the above though, your voltage is gettin up there a bit.
  3. I have mine at 1.25v at 4.6GHz. Also mine runs around 80c for the hottest core (just stress testing) but I think mine is due to using a different paste rather than my normal AS5. But it may also mean that I need to tighten my water block.
  4. I would be content with 4.6GHz. After that you get into diminishing returns territory. Running at 4.7 may increase up to 5C which is not worth it. For 24/7 stay in the 70s.

    However, assuming you are benchmarking for short tests, try to stay below 90 and you should be OK.
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