Which motherboard to support e4300


which motherboard to support e4300 as i was using gigabyte.My motherboard is dead now and i am looking for a new board which can also provide the option for display memory share with system RAM. As gigabyte was unable do the same ? Please Help looking for an answer .
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  1. Display memory share with system ram??

    You mean you need a motherboard with onboard video?

    A good ole Intel G41 should do the trick. What's the budget?

    I am not think about the budget right now.I want to get this fix once in for all.
    I want to play games in my pc like need for speed undercover and all. which require specific amount of display memory.I don't want to buy an additional PCI Express card so just looking for a motherboard which allow me to share the Physical memory with my Onboard display.( should give me the option in BIOS to share the memory ).
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