E5200 @ 80 degrees celsius?

Hey guys just wondering, aint this temperature too high for a processor?
Im using Nvidia System Monitor to see the temp.

At idle its at an average of 60Degree
While playing game up to an average of 80Degree

750W SuperbGigabyte
GTX 260 Sonic 216 SP
Dual Core E5200 @ 2.4GHz each
500GB Seagate
120GB Maxtor
2GB Ram

Is this normal?

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  1. No, it is not normal. The only way for you to idle at 60 C is to have your heatsink improperly installed or have your CPU massively overvolted. I don't think a case with very poor air circulation would do that.
  2. cpu massively overvolted? how could i fix that?
  3. Those temps are worrying. I would agree with jsc that its probably an incorrectly installed heatsink and fan unit. Remove it completely and clean off any thermal paste from the previous application. Then, reapply some new thermal paste and re-seat the heatsink and fan unit ensuring its securely in place and you have proper contact with the heatspreader of the CPU. If you're unsure on applying thermal paste, Google and Youtube are your friends.

    In the vast majority of cases where no overclocking has been done, the BIOS automatically adjusts the VCore value. However, it may be worth double-checking this in the BIOS since some set it to a value other than the nominal value.

    The nominal range for your processor is between 0.85V – 1.3625V. Check this in your BIOS but I can't really see it exceeding this range. My money would be on the heatsink and fan unit. Post back and let us know. Good luck!
  4. Ok my CPU fan is clean when i check it, and the voltage is 1.12V and 1.81V and that 1.81 is high, how do i adjust it? and maybe the fan of my PSU contribute to the heat cause the exhaustfan of the PSU is at the bottom...
  5. 1.8 is probably the dram voltage.
  6. I check SpeedFan and at the bottom it says

    Vcore1: 1.14V
    Vcore2: 1.81V
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