TV Can do 120hz but its not an option when I hook up my PC

I have a brand new computer with a radeon 5870 hooked up to my tv which is

It doesnt give me the option to run it at 120hz, only 60hz. I cant find the setting for it in my TV options. Only thing I can think of is the GPU not being able to do it but I doubt that. Any help appriciated, thanks.
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  1. Just because the set is capable of refreshing itself at 120hz does not mean that it accepts input of 120hz. You could try and see if Sony has drivers that would enable such an option, but I doubt it.
  2. From the link you provided on your TV:


    * Video Signal : 1080/60p (HDMI™ / COMPONENT), 1080/60i, 1080/24p (HDMI™ ONLY), 720/60p, 480/60p, 480/60i
  3. their 120hz claims doesn't actually have to be all shown there are no standards most like is it produces 2 frames at the same time and though post processing melds the 2 for best image consistency. Or the way i think sony does it is take the same frame and produce it twice meaning it still only takes 60 fps it does make a cleaner imange and makes sense as there are no HDtv standards for movies etc to be 120hz or higher.
  4. 120Hz HDTV and 120Hz PC monitors are different.

    120Hz HDTV creates an interpolated frame from every two actual frames it receives from the source (BL Player, DVD Player, PC) and inserts them in between each of those frames. This improves smoothness and makes movies look more "live". Since it takes time to create the interpolated frame, setting the HDTV to 120Hz actually creates input lag.

    Input lag is no big deal for movies, but it can be a big deal for games. Unless the input lag does not bother you, you should always set the HDTV to game mode, or 60Hz.
  5. The same applies to 240Hz HDTVs.
  6. I had the same question... I vote for Jaguars answer as best one...
    Interesting stuff, I had always believed that a Hertz as reported was a complete cycle not a double sampled or interpolated cycle - gotta love marketing
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