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Hello. Several months ago my computer was infected by the virus that simulates an antivirus detecting viruses (cant remember the name now). It got pretty nasty but I was able to remove it using winlogon and Trojan Killer. The thing is, it did some damage that I have been discovering and repairing. However, I have not been able to address the worse issue. Apparently, it removed some registry entries. Now, I cannot delete any programs through regedit, because there are no entries on the uninstall folder, except for those that have been installed after I cleaned the infection. Please help! I need to free some HD space and I cant!
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  1. You don't delete programs though regedit, what are you doing exactly? Or do you mean though Add/Remove Programs?

    You can try running though a Repair option in Windows Setup, that should restore things to normal and not remove your files. Although that may not fix anything in your case as it has no way of knowing what registry entries were added after the initial setup. Try running the setup for the programs again, can do a Ra-install or a Repair to get things back so you can uninstall it again.
  2. Yes, programs can be uninstalled through regedit when you cannot do it with add/remove. The thing is, I follow the procedure, but when I reach the uninstall folder, there are no entries for the programs.
  3. Not all programs put stuff there. Did you try re-running the setup for the program and then going though Add/Remove Programs?

    What procedure are you following?

    If the virus/spyware did remove entries that should be there, nothing you can do unless you just want to delete the program folders.
  4. This is the procedure I'm following:

    No, I havent ried rerunning the setup. Thanks for the tip. I'll try it.
  5. Yizz said:
    This is the procedure I'm following:

    No, I havent ried rerunning the setup. Thanks for the tip. I'll try it.

    That procedure will not do anything except remove the listing from the Add/Remove entry, it does not uninstall anything.
  6. ccleaner has a remove program options that has performed well, I had 1 computer you would get one page of programs under add and remove, but all showed up under ccleaner. It also has a registry repair and is free! Give em a few bucks!
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