Why is my 3570K so voltage hungry?

Ok so I'm not quite sure what to make of my 3570k...

I'm currently siting at 4400 MHz and 1.315v...everything seems stable normal usage wise...but after running a prime 95 custom stress test the program stopped responding about an hour in.

The test I'm running is the one found here labeled "The Prime Test"


Do I really need to bump my Vcore up higher than it is to stay at 4.4. Or maybe I can set something different in my bios to stay stable?

My voltage just seems a bit high compared to everyone sitting at 4.4ghz. I guess it's possible I just got a voltage hungry chip. CPUz shows the voltage usually fluctuating between 1.28 and 1.32

I know my temps are fine at less than 80 degrees and I know the voltage is at a safe level for the chip...I'm just confused as to why its so voltage hungry at a modest OC level.
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  1. system specs.?
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