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Where can I find DRIVERS for the on board USB, ethernet and other functions? Failing that, does anyone know if PCI cards for the same functions would work if I disable the onboards through the device manager?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    See answer here

    U need install the chipset driver for the USB ports.

    Yeah they can do the same work.
  2. Saint19, any relation to Saints 18 & 20?

    Thank you SO MUCH. I saw that one and passed over it not realizing that THAT was THE one I needed.

    I'm trying it right now. THANK HEAVEN for A-B switches.

    I know JUST enough about computers and what I am doing (reconstituting an old one) to get into trouble.
  3. Saint19,

    I downloaded drivers on this (another) PC, burned them onto a CD, then transferred them to the Dell 8250. I followed the instructions and ran the chipset driver installation software. As far as I could tell, it ran correctly.

    PROBLEM: STILL no driver shown in Device Manager for usb, ethernet, etc.

    Any suggestions?

    Should I run a patch or something else first?

  4. U need download all the drivers (Audio, Video, Network and Chipset) those are the main drivers that u need install in the rig.

    Every driver has his own setup.exe I think, so u only need run that .exe and wait for the installation.
  5. There appears to be only ONE "chipset" driver to download and run. This is the one that SHOULD take care of my problem because the ethernet, usb and something called the "multimedia audio controller" are all on the motherboard.

    Without the ethernet connectivity, I must download whatever to another computer, burn it to CD and then transfer it. VERY SLOW.

    I will try your suggestion right now, but I have no confidence that running the other drivers will help. None seem to be relevant.

  6. Let me know the results.
  7. NO LUCK. I'm out of ideas. The chipset driver software APPEAR to run properly. NO error messages. Reboot screen at end. Upon reboot, NO CHANGE in system.
  8. And the others one?
  9. Dear Saint19, and I AM recommending you for sainthood,

    ONE of them did the trick. Although, to be honest, by now I've unzipped and installed so many, I have NO IDEA which one and I am bleary eyed.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience. You ARE a G-dsend!

  10. Nice ;)

    Now u can enjoy ur rig again :)
  11. Looks like I need your help with one other function. Apparently, the chipset drivers did NOT enliven my USB ports. I've looked through the drivers from Dell and none of them seem to fit.

    SO FAR, you are batting 1000 - as witnessed by the fact that I am writing to you via my internet connection from my "new" Dell Dimension 8250. I was ubable to do so without your help!
  12. Go again to the device manager. Can u see a yellow exclamation? U should see the something like "Universal bus series" or something like that.
  13. YES. In fact, my Device manager shows TWO of them! Both have the yellow question mark. PLUS, something called a multimedia audio controller, also with a yellow question mark.
  14. I just discovered that the REAR USB ports ARE working, but are "slow" USB. the front USB port, inconveniently located, is NOT working. I do have a new High Speed USB 2.0 card. From your previous answer, I should be able to install that without needing to disable anything else.
  15. Check the proper connection of those USB front ports to the mobo.

    Also check the audio driver since the yellow icon means that isn't the correct driver or wasn't installed properly.

    Install the chipset driver again with the device manager open and see what happen while the chipset driver is installed.

    Finally, yeah u can install that USB card without disable something else in the rig.
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