Gskill memory, Which one is better?

Here is the comparison at|20-231-247^20-231-247-TS,20-231-254^20-231-254-TS,20-231-335^20-231-335-TS,20-231-352^20-231-352-TS

Which one is better? The CS 6 one? The 2000 Mhz one? The others?

All answers are appreciated
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  1. I would go with the second one because of having the best price/performance ratio between them,it has the lowest voltage, 2nd lowest timings and 2nd cheapest option.
  2. Hi.

    2nd and 4th are the best but price/performance/features the 2nd option is the way to go.
  3. ^+1 #2
  4. I would say #2 or #4 depending on the motherboard you have and what you plan on using this for.

    First, make sure you mobo can actually handle 2000Mhz RAM before even considering #4. If it does then your secondary decision should be how performance-oriented this machine is going to be. If you need it to be 100% maximum performance at all times then bite the bullet and go for #4, otherwise... it's good ol' #2.
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