Dual 4850. Connected with two bridges. No crossfire tab showing. I upgraded from Vista 64 to Windows 7 64 and installed the latest Catalyst. Both cards show in my computer. New computer never ran Crossfire before. It was supposed to be set up for crossfire but the manufacturer forgot to put in the bridges.
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  1. Hah, yeah, wherever you bought it from they sure care about their work. Anyway, you only need to use one bridge to get it to work.
  2. 2 bridges won't hurt, and you won't lose it this way.
  3. It still does not answer my problem. The Catalyst software shows the second card being disabled but the computer shows both cards enabled. no crossfire tab. 2 bridges connected.
  4. First, make sure that both cards are properly inserted. Second, check your motherboard manual. Your motherboard may have a switch that requires you to flip it in order to activate the PCI-E lanes for the second video card. If not, then test the system by removing one video card and attempting to boot the system, if it works, then put it back in and take out the other card. This will allow you to see if the problem is the cards themselves.
  5. Will do and repost. Do you think the manufacturer could build something that works out of the box? :cry:
  6. No they never can, always best to build yourself...... :P
  7. I know. I no longer have the time to play with new builds. That is why I switched to pre-built. Guess what? I am now spending my time troubleshooting THEIR build. :lol: Where is my 8086 and Star Trek game. I never had any problems with Crossfire setups on my amber monitor. I used ATI years ago and always had driver problems. This is my 1st ATI card in years. S.O.S Guess what I am going to purchase next?
  8. a giant inflatable giraffe???
  9. Cards are fine. Sent info for help at AMD. Manufacturer has not looked at trouble ticket for at least a week. Where can I buy the giraffe?
  10. UPDATE: I contacted ASUS motherboard manufacturer. I was told that the Crossfire/ATI/AMD is not designed for the board and will never work. I contacted my unnamed company (VELOCITYMICRO) and was informed that they do indeed work and the company has a special driver....follow the link. I did; it is dead. I informed the company that the link was dead..........It is still dead. January 19+/- on. A tech support rep has assured me that the drivers will be placed on a cd and sent to me. Now the company did not know this computer needed special drivers? It was not shipped with these drivers, the tech support people did not know about these drivers, there is no mention on their web site of anything about these drivers....the link to the drivers is s dead end? You think something is up?

    Thanks for the giraffe link. IT WORKED !!!
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