Asus p5ke startup failure

It started when I was searching the web for new computer parts. I have a hobby building and programing computers. I was looking at new computer stuff and reading reviews. I instantly saw some yellow lines on the left side of the screen. And I saw green lines on the right side. My first thought was Virus or Trojan. I instantly began running ESET and Norton Simultaneously. I figure they run differently and whatever one misses the other will catch. Nothing came up so i just reset thinking its just windows. Yet the bios mode was looking funny. And i mean there were no words just strange letters that were far out of shape and unreadable. Yet in the places where it would have said how would you like to start. I wanted safe mode with command prompt. Even though I couldn't read it, i knew where it was. Yet when I clicked enter there the computer restarted. Next I took out the hard drive and put it in another desktop. The hard drive started up normally and ran perfectly fine. So now I know its the motherboard. How do I fix that? Does the motherboard, an Avus P5KE, have its own little hard drive and that has a Virus or Trojan?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- Two AV in the same rig is a problem uninstall one.
    2- Reset the BIOS of the mobo.
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