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got a quick question for anyone whos dealt with these kinds of cards
i have an nvidia quadro 3500 FX,
and im looking to sell it for a new card
however, i see that they sell for 300- 400$
just wondering what i should sell it for, as i have no expirence with these cards.
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  1. Search for the card on e-bay. Then go to the advanced search and check completed auctions.
    There you should see all the completed sales in green.

    That will give you an idea of what the card is worth.
    Pay attention to the new vs. used condition if you see big discrepancies.
    Looking briefly, they sell for $100 or so.
  2. What are you doing with your card? The card you have now is a workstation card which tend to be overpriced and are for CAD and similar applications, not gaming.
  3. im not doing anything with it, hence why im selling it
    and is a 100$ too much to ask???
  4. Looking at ebay $100 seems about right.
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