Calculating the peak performance of magny core cpu

Hi every body,
Can anybody tell me , how to calculating the peak performance of magny core cpus?
or tell me the IPC of opteron 6000 series?
what about the intel 5600 family? such as x5670?
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  1. Not sure what you mean by peak performance.

    Go look up some benchmarks. That's your source. Reviews and benchmarks. google "cpu benchmark list" or "name of your cpu review" and you'll get as close to what I think you are after.
  2. actually its theoretical cpu performance ;) its used for calculating supercomputers peak performance, any help?
  3. If you're refering to FLOPS you'll need to find benchmarks like LINPACK.
    For x86 that's pretty useless as it's a general purpose platform and will be used under various usages, yielding difference performance advantages for each architecture.

    The benchmarks from Anandtech suggests Magny Cour are more attractive (performance and $/performance) in data mining and HPC applications compared to Westmere-EP. While for virtualisation, my main usage for them, Nehalem/Westmere still excels exceedingly when it comes to running many light-weighted VMs.
  4. peak performance is theoretical performance not practical!!! benchmarks like linkpak just give us practical performance, for calculating peak performance we need Instruction per clock cycle (IPC) for that CPU.
  5. I've had this benchmarked for a long time. It doesn't give you your answer and probably contains information you already know but I thought I'd link you to it anyway while you wait for someone who has your answer.
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