BSOD after returning to normal settings

Hello there,

First post on these forums and of course like everyone else I come asking for help

I recently have been learning to try and overclock my system

phenomiix6 1055t
12 gigs ddr3 ram
msi 880gm-e43
saphire radeon 5770
500w PSU

I can go into more detail if needed. My problem is that at first everything was going well my temps were holding steady around 40c so i tried to push it a little further started messing with voltage and HT speeds and so on and so forth then I started getting BSOD

So no big deal i thought I reset my CMOS and loaded the default settings in the bios but even on default settings I am still getting this damn BSOD that reads

The session manager initilization system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc00000033 (x00000000 0x00000000)
The system has been shut down.

I am at a loss, when i look it up it appears to be a windows error but im not sure how to fix it or even if I can. Can I reinstall windows? Did I fry my mobo? My CPU?

I did take my voltage prolly a little too high on my cpu up to 1.5 but i didnt go any higher.

Any help would be appreciated
Thank you
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  1. you're right clear CMOS .. repair win7 .. or try this guide fix error 21a .. also try use dual RAM first
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