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Hello Everyone,

I recently swapped out an AMD x2 for an AMD x3 Phenom. No other components in the computer were changed whatsoever. What I began to notice was that about 5 minutes after boot-up that "processing" noise would kick in and basically never stop until I shut down and left the computer off for awhile (like if I just restarted it would still make the noise). So far these are the steps I have taken - initially I thought it was the hard drive.

1. Completely reinstalled Windows - thought the computer may be full of spyware or something. This did not help.

2. Swapped out the hard drive for another one - same thing happens.

3. Systematically shut processes running off in task manager - doesnt help.

4. Turn off indexing in XP - doesnt help.

This leads me to believe that the processor is causing whatever is going on. Since it starts a little while after startup and does not stop until the system can "rest" for awhile I am also guessing it is a temperature issue. However, I have a pretty big heatsink and temps stay at around 30-40 degrees.

Anyone have any ideas. I have looked everywhere to no avail.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
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  1. what do you mean "Processing noise"? Do you mean you hear the fan spinning? Open up the case while its running and see if you can identify the source of your noise, it may be the CPU fan that you are hearing.
  2. From what I can tell it is not the fan. Its the noise that occurs when you open a memory-intensive program. That sounds that happens when the computer is "working". Haha I know that is rather abstract but it is the only way I can explain it.
  3. kinda a crunching noise? It may be the sound of the HDD head going back and forth quickly
  4. Yea a crunching noise like the HDD is working. However I replaced that drive and the same noise occurs. That is what I initially thought it was.
  5. Ok so after poking around in the computer and doing a little more research I am thinking the problem is either a "capacitor" (or something) on the MoBo or a faulty power supply. I am at work so I do not remember off the top of my head what the wattage is on my PSU but I think it is 350w.

    Since I upgraded from a x2 to a x3 processor and this is when I started noticing what I will now say is a cricket-like noise is it possible that my old PSU can't fully handle the new processor?
  6. Could possibly be a capacitor issue, difficult to tell without hearing the noise directly.
    For example my GTX260 makes a quiet whining noise when under strain (should probably rma it at some point...).

    The best idea at the moment would probably be to wait for the noise to occur and then stick your head as close to the components as possible and work out which area it's coming from, if it's the PSU you'll want to switch that out sharpish.

    But as it started up when you switched to a higher power consuming processor the PSU would seem like a likely candidate.
  7. Yea I did the listen test yesterday and could only pinpoint that it was definitely from the CPU/PSU area (they are close together). I have heard of people using stethecopes and such to really check but I dont have one... is there another way?
  8. Hmm, other then running the system outside of the case I cant think of any other techniques.
    If you're comfortable with doing that it might be the next thing to try out.
  9. Hmmm would the noise sound like this?

    Kind sounds like a bad fan to me. either way, i would recommend replacing it.
  10. The one I am hearing lacks the intermittent squeaking in that one but it is very close otherwise. Gonna have to find a spare PSU to check if thats it. Thank you for your help everyone.
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