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I've recently built a new p.c with my friend but I've been having an annoying issue where I don't get the option to play at higher resolutions on games that Im positive my pc can handle, it has no issue at all with left4dead at 1920x1080 at max settings but when I try any other game (stalker clear sky, shadow of chernobyl, C.R.Y.S.I.S,Mass effect) and play it at anything above 1280x720 it'll freeze after about 10 seconds of getting in game, this happened most notably in clear sky when at first install it gave me the option of playing at 1600x1200, but 5 seconds in it froze as if it was changing to the next frame and squares appeared all over the screen, kinda like the interlaced scan as if it froze mid scan. Upon rebooting I went back into clear sky to have 1280x720 as my max resolution available.
I'm not sure if this is the problem or not but I'm using a samsung 27" HD T.V as my monitor with a HDMI adapter for the card.
at the desktop the resolution is set at 1920x1080 at 30HZ, but the t.v supports 60hz and when I press the info button on the remote it comes up 1920x1080i @ 60hz. Upon putting it up to 60hz at the desktop resolution section i get the message mode not supported appear on the screen.

Video Card: ATI HD 4870
motherboard: Foxconn Blackops X48
RAM: 4GB OCZ reaper DDR3 @ 1520MHZ
OS: windows vista 64 bit
Processor: E8400 @ 3.42Ghz

I realize the monitor is a bit big (I'm looking to get a 22 inch) and I'm wondering if that is possibly the source of the problem?
I'm pretty sure its not an overheating issue as the temps are always nice and cool and I've even tried it without the case panel on and its as cool as a cucumber.
Also even at 27" it should be more than capable of handling slightly older games at higher resolutions.
I have also updated the card and other devices to the latest drivers as well.
Much thanks for any replys :).
Also sorry if I put this in the wrong section.
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  1. found your problem, your screen is not capable of running at anything above 1280x720 at 60Hz which is what the games are trying to force it to. Its nothing software based, it is that your TV is only a 720P tv with upscaling to 1080i but you cant play a game at 1080i because they want to force to a higher refresh rate because 30FPS wouldnt look smooth at all. If you upgrade to a regular 22" monitor it will support 60Hz and 1920x1080 its just that yours was meant as a TV not as a monitor.
  2. ah thankyou very much :).
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