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My computer is a Dell Inspiron i570 and I am going to be looking at changing out the motherboard. The setup of all the motherboards I've looked at seem incompatible with their placement of USB ports and hookups compared to the other parts my computer has now. Is there any way to know for sure if a motherboard will fit rather than buying it and hoping?
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    Usually the MOBO will come with an adapter plate for the back panel of the case with the proper layout of the items so if neededd you remove the old back panel plate and install the one that came with the MOBO (though some Dell cases do not have removeable plates so you may want to check on your system first and then if needed buy a new case also !!

  2. tried researching it but couldn't find a deinitive answer, one major problem i run into when people wanna use dell's is they often use a btx forfactor mobo resulting in when you wanna upgrade you usually have to get a new case as well. may want to verify if its atx or you might have a mobo incompatable with your case
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  4. That pretty much sums up what I needed to know, thanks guys :). I want a more unique case anyways so I might as well buy them both at the same time. :)
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