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I'm looking for some advice from people who have investigated this in the past. I want to build a file server which will run 24/7 and I want to focus my efforts on reducing the power consumption and maximize the overall stability for data preservation.

I dont need a ton of space initially. (2) 1 TB drives is what im starting with. My plan is to go with 2 green drives setup on Raid 1. Later as my space needs grow, I would add 2 more drives and move to RAID 5.

I also plan to buy and install an 80GB SSD for the boot drive. This drive will also be serving as my AD DC, FTP and low bandwidth family web server.

I have my HDD requirements covered for right now. My real interest here is getting suggestions on a motherboard/cpu/memory combo which will help me minimize my power consumption and maximize reliability. It does not have to be fancy, Duo core would be fine unless I can find better for a similar price. Bang for my Buck basically.

I prefer Video/Sound to be onboard, nothing special. I do need/prefer 1GB LAN and I'm debating on using hardware raid 1/5 off the MB or using a raid controller.

Any suggestions on MB/CPU/Mem are welcomed, thanks in advance.

Edit: Also, just an FYI - Im going to be using either an Antec 300 or 900 mid tower case for the build.
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  1. Not recommended to use green drives in raid. Switching from raid 1 to raid 5 can be painful if you want to retain data. You may want to rethink that.

    Check this out:
  2. If you want to use green drives, Windows Home Server works well with them.
  3. _Priest_
    You must have been reading my mind. I want to do the same thing. I want to combine windows 7 media center for recording tv (I have or will get tuner card). have green drives that I can use in raid or jbod. want to be able to host 2 vm's either using hyper-v (server 2008r2) or vmware (I have both). also need at least 8gb of ram. so the decision is on which mobo would be low power using which low power cpu. I am getting 80%+ efficient power supply and a case that uses 120m -140mm fans for low spin and high air flow (quiet). The prior answers did not adress that main question. What is a good low power board and cpu combo?
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