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Trying to find a source to get the basic nuts, bolts, screws, standoffs (both metal and plastic), plastic clips, plastic spring clips, plastic latches and any thing else of this nature that is needed to build a PC. Several years ago I remember being able to go to electronic parts houses that catered to the trade to get this stuff. They sold to both businesses and individuals. Can't seem to find this stuff anymore, even online.
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  1. treefrog07 said:

    These have a lot of what I'm looking for but still missing a few things. If you're familiar with CoolerMaster's ATSC840 case, the front removable cover has these plastic clips that act as springs to secure it in place. To remove it, you push it to the left and then from the right side pull forward. Also I was in the past looking for LED holders that anchored an LED to the chassis. It's stuff like that, that I'm looking for.
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