2nd drive bay: 5400 or 7200?

Hey everyone!

I just entered into the world of SSDs, and I'm just in awe by the response times! Everything loads without hesitation and I'm kicking myself for not bumping up sooner!

Anyway, my 2nd HDD bay on my laptop is free, and I have two identical hard drives. But one is 5400rpm and the other is 7200rpm. Will the 7200rpm be worth installing for performance vs. heat? (I'm a heavy user). Battery life isn't an issue.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Yes the 7200 will give you more performance and heat should not be an issue!
  2. laptop or a netbook, heat will always be an issue. HD's can get over 100*F
    If you can get a slim heatsink designed for the drives, and it fits. That would be supreme. But typically there is no room for such things.

    the 7.2 will be the best option. set a page file for 2 gigs atleast on both drives. The ssd and the 7.2

    Using defraggler has decreased my heat on HD's significantly. defrag after updates to os,games etc. or any time you move of delte install or uninstall xD
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