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Hello i was thinking of starting a computer business. I have a copy of all windows 7 on my flash drive that i .
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  1. Sue or not, what you suggest is flat out illegal, and you will harm your customers when the genuine installer runs. It is shortcuts like this that screw people out of a good PC experience in the long run.
  2. what you are doing is illegal. Especially if you are charging them money and telling them they are getting the real deal. If your customer find out they wouldn't be happy and could sue you. So could Microsoft.

    Its also not good business practice, moral wise.
  3. There's your answer. All that's left to do is wait for a mod to lock this.
  4. Your business would fail utterly in the long run if you supplied your customers with bootlegged products. There are large legal and ethical ramifications in your business model. You should revise it.
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