NIC freezes up pc at intervals

Hello, I have been having some problems with a Network Adapter that I have plugged in, the drivers are installed correctly and other than the freezing there is no other problems with it. However it does freeze every 3-5 seconds for about a second then stops, and continues doing this. Anybody have any clue? When it is disabled I have no problem.
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  1. windows security essentials
  2. Well I have stopped the freezing, but it now says this device cannot start. It's a SMC EZ card 10/100 PCI (SMC1211TX) if that helps. I am not sure what you mean by Windows security essentials, I have isolated the freezing to an infected driver file though.
  3. aah, well that was what usually caused it. hmm what you should do is go into dev. manager and look at the properties of this card, find the vendor ID and device ID and we can find you drivers for it.
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