Gigabyte x58a-ud3r wont post hard drive light solid

Having a new build issue. Machine was up and running for a few hours to install windows last night. Then was tweaking this morning. Every once in awhile, it would re-boot loop after a startup. It would power up, fans, get to bios screen, and loop. Tried reseating ecerything, anoher known good video, and nothing. Pressed the CMOS clear button on the back and that seemed to help, but now nothing. Everything seems to power up, but no video or post. No beeps either. Any help would be appreciated to fix my now very expensive paperweight :( config is: Gigabyte x58a-UD3r w a I-7 930 2.8ghz cpu, 6 MB of Gskill ram and a Corsair 750 PS
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  1. Read and do everything even if you already know it's been "done right" we all make mistakes
  2. Before you pressed the CMOS_SW button, did you unplug the CPU and ATX power connectors?

    If you didn't, you probably killed your mobo.

    This is copied from the manual for your mobo:

    "Q: How do I clear the CMOS values?
    A: For motherboards that have a CMOS_SW button, press this button to clear the CMOS values (before doing this, please turn off the computer and unplug the power cord)."
  3. as long as the computer is off your fine, the only reason they say to unplug is so idiots don't short anything
  4. Thanks for all of the responses. Appreciate it! Turns out the power supply was the main culprit. (I think....) RMA'd the GB MOBO and went with an ASUS X58 board after seeing other users running into power cycling issues with this board. Sorry GB- last two builds are still running after 4 years.

    With the new board, the PC did basically the same thing cycling on and off (only it would post). Replaced the PS and all good.

    Just having some memory voltage/timing issues with GSKILL DDR 3 1600. Doesnt always see the 6GB installed which seems to be common on X58 until you get the right mix. The default bios setttings always show only 4GB in bios and OS.

    Thanks again.
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