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My P-7805u laptop (with Geforce 9800m gts) had an issue so I returned it for warranty. When I got it back they said they replaced the motherboard and fans. My concern is that now the GPU fan doesn't turn on until the temperature is 82C and then after a few seconds when the temp falls to 70C the fan turns off and the GPU warms up again. Originally the fan would turn on when the GPU reached 49C. I checked the 9500 GT and the 9800 GT and they both have a max temperature of 105C, so my 82C temp might be fine, but I'm also worried about the 52-55C idle temp (and it is only around 68F in the room). I checked and there is no way to control the fans and underclocking with Rivatuner didn't work. Will my GPU wear out at these temperatures?
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  1. u can use a laptop fan to make it cooling down...
  2. One more thing, is it ok if the CPU cores idle as low as 25C?
  3. No problem, it's a very cool temp... :)
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