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hey guys got a question for you.....ihave a custom computerthat i built..itsmy first one...imrunning a intel p43.2 ghz 2 gigs of ram decent hard drive 120 mm case fan 80mm side fan and the fan that camwith the pentium chip.....after about 30 min toan processer starts running about 50 to 54 degres celcius...what could be the problem...anythin will help
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  1. Pentium 4's run hot. 50-54C on a stock cooler is nothing to be concerned about. You can start to worry when it reaches 80C constantly. If you want it cooler, you should buy an aftermarket cooler.
  2. are u talking about the entire sink or just the sinfank
  3. He is talking about the entire heatsink and fan just replaceing the fan will do nothing.
  4. what do u recomend for a sink and fan
  5. First, find out which socket you have. This will depend on your model of Pentium 4. It will either be 478 or LGA775 depending on the model. Good brands to look into are Zalman, Thermaltake, Scythe, Cooler Master, and Arctic Cooling. Other brands may have good coolers as well. FrostyTech is a good place to look up reviews.
  6. Dont do anything. Those temps are fine. If you do anything at all just clean up everything in the case. Get all the dust and junk out.

    If you want to test the temps run a torture test like prime95 to see how hot it gets under load.
  7. I agree with Someguy7. As I said in my first post, the temps are nothing to worry about. It would also not make much sense to invest in a computer that old. Perhaps you can get a used cooler on ebay if you really want a cooler computer.
  8. Clean it really well with some compressed air ( NOT a vacuum ). As stated above those old P4s were good room heaters and those temps are fine. In my opinion do not waste money on that obsolete system.
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