No picture on monitor, but everything else works

Hi, I'm sitting here with my new computer that I just built.

I use an Asus p7p55d mobo, 2x 2BG 240-pin 10600 ram, i5 quad 750 cpu, 630W pcu, 500BG SATA HD, and a XFX radeon HD 5750 1BG graphic card.

Every fan, included cpu heatsink, PCU fan, case fans, and the heatsink on the graphic card is running, and the LED lights are on.

The problem is, that my monotor (which works fine with other computers) don't get any signal. I have tried with HDMI, and both DVI's on the graphic card. The card is placed right, and I have also tried both slots. Everything should be fine, but the monitor don't get any signal.

Is it my graphic card that is not working, or is something else wrong? I'm getting no beep sound when I turn it on either, but I don't know if the case speaker is properly connected.

I can also add in that the heatsink on the graphic card is making a very loud noise. A lot louder than all the other fans in my case together. Is this normal?
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  1. When you said the LED lights are on, does that include your GPUs? Power connectors firmly attached to the GPU?

    Try another GPU if you have one, or can borrow a friend's - if the borrowed one works, RMA yours.
  2. no, Gpu fan should be practically silent, Like treefrog said-find a buddy, plug your card into his system (buddies are more likely to let you play, if they can sit back and not do jack!) If good, I would look at the MB next.
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