Foxconn Bengal RS780

What would be a compatible upgrade for a Gateway GT5676 that currently has a Foxconn Bengal RS780 Motherboard?
Would like to try a new processor, then replace/upgrade both board and processor

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  1. Well it should technically support any Athlon II and Phenom II processor but you really need to ask gateway if they put support in their bios for new processors.
  2. Thanks,

    While I try to find that out, any recommendation on a new Motherboard and CPU to assure they support each other, and can go in the GT5676 , ?
    Thanks again
  3. Well you run into a few problems useing the Gateway case 1 is all the holes for the screws will most likely not line up Gateway has proprietary boards, Second the case connections for the power switch reset and LEDs will not just direct connect to the new board, and third if you do change motherboards you will have to get a new copy of windows the copy that is on there now will only work with that motherboard.
  4. Thank You,

    I recently found this forum, it got me interested in reviving the Gateway. From reading past posts on the 9600 3 rd core , clock interrupt related issues, I am fairly sure my cpu had this problem. Thought I just get a new board and cpu.

    Maybe better off starting with a new case,

  5. Have a foxconn bengal that works fine with a phenom ii 945 95w. Upgraded from a phenom 9500. no bios update needed.
  6. Thanks for the info,

    Here is what I ended up doing:

    Replaced the board with Biostar TA785GE 128M version 6.1 Listed as AM2+ socket and "supports AM3" it fit fine ,uses a few less screws to mount to the case,
    Installed Phenom II X4 965 125W AM3 ,
    Started up fine with old Vista operating system,
    Updated operating system to Windows 7 Home Premium

    No problems using all existing wiring and connections to switches and components

    I was surprised how easy and smooth it went

    Thinking of updating the existing 300Wpower supply for good measure, but all seems fine for now

    Plan to put the Bengal board in an older Medion computer with another Phenom I just came across

    this forum is a great resource
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