Can i make my corsair vengeance ram low profile?

bought 8gb of corsair venegance ram as it was a bargain... how can i make it from high profile to low profile is there a screw to take of the large heat spreader?
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  1. There is a way. It is sort of a ghetto mod. You can open the heat sink and pull it off entirely. It will still work. What you need to do is bend the tiny flaps on the ends open a little, then the heat sink should come off
  2. the heat sync is glued on, and it will void the warranty, but you can cut off the top, or force off the heat sync
    (you risk damaging the module, and it wont be covered, but i accidentally smacked the top of mine and it opened up so it cant be that hard)
  3. Hacksaw or Dremel tool. Tinsnips might work too. Or send it back and get the low profile stuff or any GSkill Ripjaws and you won't have any clearance issues. That's one of those things to check before you buy next time ;)
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