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hello, im building a budget gaming computer. im looking for an am3 socket motherboard with integrated graphics. yes i realize integrated graphics suck, but i will be upgrading my gfx card a few months after i finish the build. i also need to add a wireless adapter so i need a motherboard with a decent amount of pci slots. anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. The biostar t force series offer some overclocking options and won't break your budget.
  2. yes the Biostar t force series are nice and well built,i just put a system together with a t force TA790gxe......lots of overclocking options too
  3. A budget gaming computer seems very subjective as we don't know your budget, i would recommend an Asrock am3 mobo as it has good performance whcih is comparable to Asus and it's way cheaper
  4. my budget is 100 or less. i looked at the bio star that u reccomended and its a micro atx. looking for atx
  5. You could go for the gigabyte ma785gm-us2h. Thats what ive got, onboard graphics are pretty decent. The only problem is that it only has 2 pci slots.
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