Core 2 duo e6550

why my core 2 duo e6550 is showing only one core
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  1. What motherboard do you have? Could be your motherboard doesn't have the proper BIOS update to correctly recognize the CPU. Tell us more about your setup though as we can't really help you that much without more info.
  2. Thx for replying..

    I have intel dg31pr board with intel C2D processor e6550. I update the bios version .71 through intel software ITK after it is not showing me second core. what could be possibly prob for that..
  3. So did it stop recognizing the second core after you flashed the BIOS? Was it detecting it properly before that? If thats the case, I would roll back and reflash to the previous BIOS version where it was working. Could be the BIOS has a bug in recognizing your particular CPU.
  4. Well i cant say did it recognize or wht but hell yeah after flashing bios now it dont recognize the second core.

    Thx for giving me suggestion i will definitely flash previous bios See whts new going to happen...
  5. Le me know if that works. If it doesn't we'll do some more testing :-)
  6. Well today i revise my bios to older one which was originally restored in board but it still show only one core. Last time i have updated my bios through intel itk software. So i think i have to change some options in edit bios file setting of the software.
  7. that could be. You might be able to find something just messing around in the BIOS with different settings.
  8. Are both cores enabled in the BIOS? Some motherboards do that.
  9. how to know that both are enable or disable in bios???????
  10. There should be an area in the BIOS that has all of your CPU settings- clock multiplier and speed, etc. and there should be a setting to enable/disable cores.
  11. I dont think it is in intel bios coz i have check it very carefully...
  12. I've never seen Mobo that didn't have that option in the BIOS with a multi-core chip. Also- what mobo do you have? Did it originally have a dual core chip in it?
  13. well i have intel dg31pr and i m using intel c2d e6550 processor on it.
  14. That board should support both cores just fine. I would try and find the BIOS option to verify that both cores are enabled. If everything it set properly and it STILL isn't detecting both cores, I would guess either your CPU or Mobo is having a problem, though I don't know which, and may have to be replaced. Do you have another CPU or Mobo that you could test to see if the same conditions exist?
  15. looks i have to arrange one. :D
  16. lol- good luck:-)
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