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Im looking to get a new PSU, but I admit Im a bit confused as to what I actuall need, and since Im on a tight budget, I cant afford to spend a lot of money. I dont want to just throw in a cheap PSU, I just want something that will meet my needs and be a quality product. Budget wise Id like to stay under $60.00.

My system will be...

e7500 may OC to 3.33ghz


WD 500gb HDD

DVD RW drive

Antec 1200 case(6 fans)
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  1. I would get a corsair- either 400 or 450W. Either one will work fine.
    Either of the top 2 there should do you well.
  2. the OCZ is fine as well- not as good as the Corsair or Antec, but its still a very solid PSU.
  3. yep and there cheap.
  4. Corsair and Seasonic are two brands that have a reputation for high quality power supplies that consistently earn high marks in technical reviews. They are reliable, stable, and come with a 5 year warranty. Some of the newer models come with a 7 year warranty. Lately we've been seeing a few other brands offering some high quality units. One example would be the Antec Earthwatts and the Antec TruePower New models which are a major improvement over Antec’s older psu’s like the Basiq models.
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