ATI 5670 questions!!!

Just wanted to know more about ATI 5670

Is it good graphic card to play all the latest games in 1440x900 resolution and details to high without AA (not crysis)

DOes it require external PCI-E connector or just takes power from PCI-E slot?

Is my 300W PSU enough if i get this card?

How much times is it better then Geforce 9400GT (1GB)

Its costs around 170$ in india (kinda expensive) wanted to make sure if it can play all games in 1440x900 coz new games like Avatar etc lags in my PC in medium settings.

My Config -

2.6GHZ Dual Core, 4GB RAM,Geforce 9400 GT.

I dont want to purchase a card which needs 6pin PCI-E slot.
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    Review of 5670.

    It should handle 1440x900 fine.
    It dose not need to have any extra power connectors.
    The card reccomends 400w psu.
    Dont know exatically but it should be a good increase.
  2. yup, for 300W then 5670 will good enough for that resolution (1440x900).
    5670 will beat 9400Gt for sure... :)
  3. Just get a Zotac 9800GT ECO card. HD5670 at that price is not a very good buy.
    Should be Below RS5900 at the moment.
    It performs slightly less than 5670 but cost is significantly less.
  4. but it is GDDR3 and 5670 is GDDR5 !!! btw can Zotac 9800GT ECO can play all new games at 1440x900 without AA ????

    BTW it costs Rs 5.8K, isn't 5670 good upgrade then 9800GT ECO coz it has dx11 and 1GB ATI 5670 costs just Rs 1k better then it.
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    AT the resolution you play 1GB RAM is not used.
    If you compare 512MB card and 1GB card at 1440X900 there will be no difference in performance.

    In fact 9800GT/5670 are too weak to utilise full 1GB memory.

    HD5670 is not a card which you should look for while you're gaming with DX11.Cuz it really CRAWLS with DX11 enabled.

    And the size of your monitor you won't see a very big difference in DX11 and DX10 modes.

    I have that card and i can play all current titles at 1600X900!! A turned off.Even Crysis was running well.(Only 2 games lagged and they were Warhead and GTA 4).

    If you can upgrade your PSU thenn for RS6500 you've a very good card. i.e HD4850 which is 20% faster than reference 9800GT.
  6. See this article.A detailed review of HD5670.
    See how FPS drops with this card once DX11 is enabled.,2533-15.html

    30FPS is considered smooth for Gameplay...
  7. hmm not possible to upgrade PSU :( already stretched my budget to max. :(

    BTW if GTA IV lags in 9800, then Arma II would also have been lagged!!

    BTW GTA IV lags in which settings!

    5670/9800 cannot utilize full 1GB in 1440x900 right?

    if yes, then XFX 512MB 5670 costs 6.7k, only 500 Rs more then 9800. But i think performance of 5670 is higher if you play Dirt 2 in dx10 settings!
  8. GTA4 lags with 9800GT because my CPU is not powerful enough to handle the game.The gpu should easily play the game at those settings.

    If there's Rs500 difference then get a 5670 over a 9800GT low power.
  9. o yea, btw same here GTA IV needs Quad Core & i have 2.6GHZ Dual Core :(

    BTW is 5670, 512MB enough to play those games at 1440x900 or should i go for 5670 1GB (Rs 1k difference)
  10. shubham1401 said:
    See this article.A detailed review of HD5670.
    See how FPS drops with this card once DX11 is enabled.,2533-15.html

    30FPS is considered smooth for Gameplay...

    Not all DirectX 11 stuff will slow things down. Some things speed games up with directX 11:

    The dev's added both Tessellation and extra animations with the crowd in Dirt 2, but directX 11, when taking advantages of many other new features, speeds up games.
  11. hmm i will be going on with 5670, problem is 512MB or 1GB, even if performance gets slowed down in some games due to dx11, we can atleast play those game in dx10.
  12. I tested Stalker in DX10 and then in DX11 and actually gained FPS when switching to DX11, but in Dirt 2 I lost FPS when going to DX11, but I think Dirt 2 is just a 1 off, im pretty sure DX11 is meant to increase FPS over DX10
  13. Yeah maybe..And when newer drivers are released these cards will surely perform better.

    @OP:Buy 512MB HD5670 for sure.
  14. just had a doubt

    i know their is no need of 1GB now but what about future games games released in 2015 << they will lag so the whole 1GB will come to utilization currently 512 MB would be enough i right?
  15. 512MB is plenty for your resolution, No one can prodict the future so if your that worried go with the 1GB, but IMHO it would be a waste.
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