Pata Hard Disk Drive Problem On Asus M2N-VM DVI

My old Western Digital Caviar Pata hard disk was running fine on asus motherboard M2N-VM DVI until few days ago. Now it doesn't get detected in bios. Sometimes it does get detected and I can boot into vista but either the vista freezes after sometime or it works fine until next reboot. I reboot and its gone. I am currently using seagate SATA hard disk. If I keep connected the pata hard disk it takes long time to cross bios screen as if trying to detect the pata hard disk but doesn't show up.
Can somebody tell me whats the problem? I think hard disk should be fine because it occasionally shows and works fine when it shows up.
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  1. Even i got the same problem......
    Seagate pata (500gb) and asus board......freezing at bios screen

    Any solutions???
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