I really really need help

i have a dell inspiron 546 minitower case
and an ati 5750 sapphire graphics card
i want to insert it in BUT in the back of the case theres
"expansion card slots" that block it
basically if u look at the case from the front then walk to the left
on the bottom left corner theres 4 long rectangles
is there anyway to remove it so i can put in my graphics card?

thanks to all
and this is really urgent
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  1. You could always remove the one blocking the card, though this will void your warranty most likely. The most powerful Low-Profile card is the HD4650, I believe.
  2. so heres the deal
    im new to this

    theres a black slot [===][==========================]
    light tan slot [========================][===]
    another [========================][===]
    the black slot is being blocked by a WLAN card on the left
    im guessing the black slot is the one for my graphics card and it looks like it will fit
    how do i move the WLAN Card
    btw the WLAN card is attached to one of thse "expansion card slots"
  3. can you move the WLAN card to another slot that it fits in so you could fit the graphics card in?
  4. hey sorry im totally new at this my first desktop
    from ur link looking at the picture of the back
    how do youw remove the rectangular tab?
  5. those tabs should be connected via a screw and should slide out. if you dont see any screws then you should be able to pop them out.
  6. ok i popped them out one thing getting in the way is one of the tabs is connected to a WLAN card which is connected to the slot i need to insert my graphics card into?
    wat shuld i do
    thats a black slot
    there are 2 more light tan slots
  7. did the wlan card come out of the black pcie slot or the tan pci slot?
  8. it was and is in the blac pci slot
  9. well can i move the WLAN card out of the black
    and into the tan one?
    will my internet still work?
  10. If you could take a picture and show us, it would help a lot.
  11. youve got a small problem... the 5750 needs a pcie slot and so dose your wlan card. you only have one slot and will have to choose between the video card or wlan unfortunately.
  12. umm i found a small black slot that is the same size as the space the wlan provided
    i think its called a 1x? and the one it was using was a 16x?
    can i put it in on the 1x?
  13. thanks for replying bystander i might post one tmrw if my problem still isnt solved
  14. oh your mobo has a x1 pcie slot, i missed that. well if the wlan can fit into that slot then everyting will work out.
  15. ok so now im worrying if my new 500watt thermaltake psu will fit
    and my wlan and graphics cards SIDE the side with the thing that rests on the top of the tabs
    doesn rest on the top of the tab perfectly
    does that mean its not put in rihgt?
  16. maybe the cards did not get pushed all the way down into their slots. the link in my post 2 posts up has detailed instructions and some troubleshooting help.
  17. that one looks exactly like it thanks im going to try this tmrw im currently busy hopefully it will work im testing out internet with the wlan card on the 1x slot
  18. hey i ran into a new problem
    i set up my new thermaltake psu
    i set up my sapphire ati 5750 graphics card
    but now i get an error when i boot up
    i forgot the exact error but its something about cant detect something to boot with
    Sata 0
    sata 1
    sata 2
    sata 3
    something like that
    please help
  19. Check that you didn't knock the HDD's connectors loose from either the back of the HDD or the motherboard interface.
  20. im pretty positive i plugged everything in really hard and it fits

    heres the error
    No boot device avaiible
    SATA 0 : none
    SATA 1: none
    SATA 2; none
    SATA 3: none
  21. Does it show up in the POST screen?
  22. im sorry wats the post screen?
    right when i boot up its the first thing it shows
    it doesnt sho ANYTHIGN else
  23. Power On Self Test, IIRC. You may have to hit the TAB key or disable the logo screen via BIOS to see it but re check the connectors first.
  24. how do i disable the logo screen
    all i get is the no boot device available screen
    and hitting tab doesnt do anything
  25. do you think i just got a bad psu?
  26. Try taking the new card out and seeing if the machine boots without it.
  27. It would not hirt to recheck/replug each connection. If its not detecting a booting device experiment with different esata power plugs and different esata cables.
  28. thank you everyone i think i solved my problem
    a blue wire got unplugged in the switching psu processs
    the blue wire connects the mobo to the hdd
    thank you everyone
  29. jaypeepee said:
    thank you everyone i think i solved my problem
    a blue wire got unplugged in the switching psu processs
    the blue wire connects the mobo to the hdd
    thank you everyone

    The old 'connection re-check' eh? :lol: , glad to hear you got it sorted!

    Happy gaming.

  30. thank you to you both :]
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