E6600 overclcking issues

Hello, i overclocked my pentium dual core e6600 3.06 to 3.4 ghz, i used asrock overclocker , and im getting stuttering in bf3 mp, but when i play sp its fine,also im not getting much performance boost, i have ati radeon hd 7750 gpu and a asrock g41mvs3 mobo, i didnt change woltages at all, i heard that processors like mine are good overclockers but this i not the case now. Please help
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  1. well you are not getting good OC results bc you are using software to do the OC....that is a big no no...you need to OC in the BIOS....it is also possible that your chip just does not oc well....did you get the stuttering in bf3 mp before you OC'ed?

    here is a good guide to give you an idea how to do it in the BIOS

  2. no stuttering before overclocking
  3. Why oc? you got not much improvement and now is stuttering too.
  4. yeah, i have returned it to stock clock yesterday. i will wait a few months and get a new mobo and cpu
  5. I used an e6600 long time ago, overclock yields poor performance; just wait till you get a new processor and motherboard.
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